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60 Lumio Lessons with Free-Access Science Videos, V4.7
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60 Lumio Lessons with Free-Access Science Videos, V4.7


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About This Lesson

This document has links to 60 Lumio Lessons we've made. When you click on links of interest, you'll have the option to save them in your Lumio library. They are free, fully functional and never expire. You can edit any as you wish.

Each lesson also contains a link to a short science video that we've made. This document contains links to 1-minute previews of those videos, which will give you a quick overview of the full video and show you the questions in the Lumio quiz. The videos are free-access; there are no memberships or paywalls.

We've also included links to our shared Google Drive folders that contain these quizzes / worksheets as Google Forms and Google Slides.

Links to free educational resources we've made.

  • Our website. We only have K-12 educational content. There are no paywalls, memberships or 3rd party advertising.

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Lesson Plan
February 27, 2024
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