Answering Questions in Complete Sentences

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Answering Questions in Complete Sentences

This presentation shows how to change a question into an answer using complete sentences and without leaving out any important information that was in the question.

Answering Questions in Complete Sentences includes:

  1. Assessing prior knowledge of Subject and Predicate
  2. Guided practice and note taking
  3. Partner practice
  4. Independent work - assessment

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June 2021
Thank you for sharing this PowerPoint. I am a paraprofessional and I love finding new ideas to help my students.
June 2019
The PPT provides a good explanation.
November 2018
Very interesting.
October 2018
My new mac can't download it unless it's developer updates it.
December 2013
The teacher creates/demonstrates a PowerPoint providing a scaffold for ELLs by modeling how to write answers to questions. Students are taught how to analyze/dissect a sentence.
November 2013
This is very well done. The step-by-step process for changing a question to an answer is very clear. Students can revisit for additional help/re-teaching. Even non-EL students can benefit from this presentation.