"Assumptions Can Get One in a Hot Mess"- SEL/ Literacy Lesson using the Native American Coyote Story of Badger Carries Darkness

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5 Minute Video Lesson

This Native American myth from the White Mountain Apache demonstrates the calamity that can accompany lies and selfishness. Coyote selfishly looks for food in the full and heavy bag that Badger carries. Coyote gets more than he bargains for when he realizes the weight and responsibility of Badger's load. The lesson highlights self management while unpacking the challenges in perceiving truth telling and lies and judging others without all the facts.

The video opens with the Four Awesome Questions:  Is it True? Is it Fair? Will it build Friendships and Community?  Will it be Helpful for those involved? (JPEG poster of questions is attached) The Audio Story follows with text on the page.  After the story are several open ended questions to build relevant critical thinking through class dialogue.

A sheet with relevant academic vocabulary is attached.

This is a complete social/ emotional learning micro-lesson for all ages. More free story lessons can be found at www.epicethics.org

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