Basic Overview of the Start of World War I, Culture of World War I, and United State's Role in World War I


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This can be used in World History classes, however the information is probably much to vague except for usage in middle school classes. This lesson is meant for US History classes in high school to give a very basic background to how the war started, the culture and struggles of American soldiers in Europe, American connections to European nations, and the role the United States played on the war. This is a very basic powerpoint and mainly used to give a quick background to the war prior to the United States' entry in 1917. 

The process of completing the lesson should be done in the following: students can be given the handout sheet linked, and teachers will pull up the powerpoint provided. Teachers will then fill in the blanks on the powerpoint where needed. Answers to the blank are linked below in page 1 and page 2 format. 

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