Bill of Rights Video Lesson

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Bill of Rights Video Lesson

This Bill of Rights video lesson, provided by the National Constitution Center, explores the creation and ratification of the Bill of Rights and examines how the first ten amendments have been interpreted over the years.

Bill of Rights Video Discussion Questions:

Where did the ideas for changes to the Constitution come from? What kinds of changes were being suggested? How did the Bill of Rights become part of the Constitution? Were all of the proposed changes accepted? How long did it take for them to be approved? Which freedoms are protected by the Bill of Rights? Which ones do you use regularly or rarely? When did the Bill of Rights become a more central part of how the Constitution is interpreted? Why?

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July 2013
Excellent resource-thank you!
June 2013
Excellent lesson for teaching the story of the constitutions first ten amendments. Includes video, lesson plans, downloads, activity, suggested books to teach about freedom and rights. Also has questions for discussion before video and questions to discuss after the video.