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Book Trailer Premiere! ABCity by Roxie Munro

Grade Level Grades K-2


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KidLit TV is honored to PREMIERE the Book Trailer for ABCity

Written & illustrated by Roxie Munro


Take a walk through ABCity, staying on sidewalks or paths through an intricate maze taking you from page to page past all 26 letters of the alphabet. In each of 13 bustling mazes, look for cleverly hidden objects that correspond to each of the letters hidden within the streets and signs. From airplanes and ambulances to zebras and zippers, the maze weaves through the city as you help Chris and his dog Rusty find their way from A to Z. Answer keys are provided in the back, along with a large, two-sided, foldout poster of the city—one side to display and the other side to color. Jump-start your child’s learning while having fun walking this unique, one-of-a-kind city maze designed to help improve fine motor, problem-solving, and visual-perceptual skills!

  1. One continuous maze made from 13 individual mazes, each featuring two letters of the alphabet
  2. Each maze contains a seek-and-find game designed to entertain, stimulate, and challenge
  3. Final spread shows the entire ABCity

Created for puzzle-loving kids, the maze contains some complicated tricks that will have young readers having fun seeing how it was done at the end. It’s mind-bending, super-challenging, and highly visual fun for the entire family.


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