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Book Trailer Premiere! TEDDY’S BEAR TAKES A TUMBLE

Book Trailer Premiere! TEDDY’S BEAR TAKES A TUMBLE


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About This Lesson

KidLit TV is honored to PREMIERE the Book Trailer for TEDDY’S BEAR TAKES A TUMBLE

Written & illustrated by Jane Smith


A Multigenerational Celebration of Masculine Love & Caretaking

Teddy is an energetic, rough-and-tumble little cub who loves riding his trike fast-fast-fast, his Daddy and his stuffie, Bear. Teddy knows how to be a good dad to Bear, because he learned from his own Daddy how to change diapers, make lunch and doctor up owies. But when Teddy’s love of speed leads to a trike crash and Bear gets hurt in way neither Teddy nor his Daddy knows how to fix, it’s Grandpa who comes to the rescue with a whole new skill to share.

A delightful romp through a toddler’s typical day with dad,Teddy’s Bear Takes a Tumble, is at once both lively and cozy, celebrating the bond between fathers and sons thru multiple generations.


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