Cuánto cuesta... (Food) Deluxe edition.


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Do you want to know what is the most expensive restaurant in the world? Well... there is Google and there is also this stupendous presentation that not only includes that but there is also a list of the most expensive food one can get from around the world.

The purposes of this Powerpoint are to revise high numbers, practicing the vocab related to the topic of food and a healthy diet and showing your students part of the Spanish culture. 

You will find some help in a PDF and in the notes included in the PowerPoint. I hope you and your students like it!

Also... it's free! :D

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January 2018
Fabulous! very clever and well thought out.
February 2018
Thank you for such a lovely review.
February 2017
February 2017
thanks a bunch!
January 2017
Awesome power point and what a great theme! It adds so many components, even geography as you look at all the different countries and cities.
January 2017
Thanks for such a lovely comment! I always try to put that bit of extra knowledge. :)
January 2017
January 2017
Thanks so much! :)