Data Handling (MEP – Unit 8)

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The topic of Data Handling from the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP). For information about these resources and an index for the whole collection please visit:

Keywords: Questionnaire, Analysis, Question, Biased, Unbiased, Design, Leading, Line Graph, Bar Chart, Process, Display, Conclude, Evidence, Sample, Survey, Multiple Choice, Pilot, Study, Hypothesis, Trend, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Graph, Presentation, Data, Statistics, Scatter Diagram, Graph, Plot, Co-ordinates, Correlation,


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CIMT can be relied on to provide material on any topic. I often use the ideas from the mental tests in class - these mental tests are provided for each topic and are on that topic - not just mental arithmetic. The additional activities are very helpful - here for example there is an activity on the misuse of Statistics which would make for a good class discussion.