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Defining an Acceptable Outcome in Russia’s War in Ukraine SIMULATION

Subject Social Studies
Grade Level Grades 9-12, Higher Education
Resource Type Activity


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Model Diplomacy Pop-Up Case: Defining an Acceptable Outcome in Russia’s War in Ukraine

Pop-up cases are short, one-page scenarios based on issues reverberating in the news today. Use the cases below to spark discussion and put your students in the shoes of policymakers.

Ukraine has withstood Russia’s initial invasion, but a new phase of the war has begun. How should Ukraine define success as it seeks to repel Russian forces?

Decision Point: A new phase of Russia’s war in Ukraine has begun. As Russian forces regroup and refocus on securing control over eastern Ukraine, the country and its Western supporters need to determine and articulate what they are willing to accept as a resolution to this conflict. Accordingly, consultations among Ukraine, the United States, and other NATO members are set to take place. Before those consultations, Ukraine’s cabinet has convened to determine Ukraine’s position. As they deliberate, cabinet members will need to consider not only their own desires, but also what position will retain support from Western partners and how likely Russia will be to accept the desired outcome.


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