Disney Nature Oceans Educator Guide


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Disneynature OCEANS is an inspiring adventure
into a liquid world few of us have ever seen before.
Yet the oceans cover more than 70 percent of our
planet. The second Disneynature film, OCEANS,
offers an unprecedented window into this largely
unexplored world as well as an extraordinary
educational opportunity.
OCEANS ignites the imagination. It engages
students to want to learn standards-based science
content. Through this introduction to themes in the
film, students will learn earth science, life science,
physical science, chemistry, and geography.
This Educator Guide builds on many of the themes
developed in the film and molds them into classroom
lessons that correlate to your required science
Disneynature OCEANS is also a great way to
introduce differentiated instruction to your science
lessons. Through seeing, listening, and reading, the
film and this guide will improve comprehension for
students at all reading levels. It will also give them
more of a real-world learning experience through
this multi-media approach.

OCEANS will allow students to see for themselves
the wonderful cast of characters that live in this
world of liquid space. They will also learn how the
oceans control much of what happens on land.

Table of Contents
Grades 2-6 National
Science Education Standards
Transfer of Energy
Land Meets Water
Recycling Crust
How Many Oceans?
How the Oceans Impact Land
Ocean Animals Need Land
Activity: Fresh Water vs. Seawater: Which is More Dense?
Activity: How Big are the Oceans?
Activity: How the Oceans Affect Weather
Dive into the Ocean Zones
Activity: What Lives in Different Ocean Zones?
Kelp Forest
Activity: Build a Kelp Forest
Coral Reefs
Activity: Coral Reef Color
Activity: What do Oceanographers Do?
The Open Ocean
The Deep Sea
Activity: Glowing in the Dark
Hydrothermal Vents
Activity: Food Chains
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