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Welcome teachers, students, teacher trainers, and administration! It is my pleasure to share with you a guide that I have prepared during the course of my Fulbright year in Taiwan. I compiled this series of lesson plans from the experiences and skills I gained at Ming Dao Elementary working as an ESL Literacy Teacher primarily focusing on students’ interests, needs, academic levels, and opportunities for cultural exchange. 

This document includes plans for grades 1-6, which include the lesson plan and activity. If you decide to use these plans, please let me know! I'd love to know what people think in addition to where people are implementing these lessons!

Thank you! Enjoy!



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August 2020
This is a great resource and it really benefits my ELL class. Thank you for sharing!
November 2019
This is a great resource to use in elementary ESL classes! The curriculum contains lesson plans, video links, worksheets, and activities that can be modified for multiple age groups and language levels. The stories chosen are interesting, and the activities are very engaging. Many of the ideas can be modified to work with other books than the ones chosen.