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Featured Book Trailer: DON’T CALL ME FUZZYBUTT

Grade Level Grades K-2


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• A KidLit TV Production! •

We’re proud to feature the book trailer for Don’t Call Me Fuzzybutt!
Written by Robin Newman and illustrated by Susan Batori
(Sleeping Bear Press)

About the Book

Bear turns grizzly when he doesn’t get his much needed 243½ days of sleep. But Bear has a problem. He’s a very light sleeper. So, Bear builds a brand new door to keep the noise out of his den. Meanwhile, one of Bear’s neighbors is Woodpecker. He’s a master carpenter with a specialty in real estate development. He loves building houses.

But recently, he’s been noticing that his houses have gone missing. One day he happens to notice a trail of debris that leads him to Bear’s new front door–and his destroyed houses! Bear and Woodpecker end up in a feisty exchange of name-calling and gossip with the rest of their forest neighbors listening in. Can they patch it up—literally—before Bear loses too much sleep?


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