Healing Trauma

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Mass incarceration is a broken system into which the U.S. government keeps funneling trillions of taxpayer dollars. Imprisoning more people for longer periods of time hasn't made us any safer, yet our incarceration rate has shot up 500% over the past four decades. Without fixing this system, people—primarily low-income people and people of color—will continue to be locked up and released in a vicious cycle that fails to address the root causes of systemic issues such as poverty and racism. Brave New Films has produced the Healing Trauma Series to address an important feeder of the systemic issues which fuel our incarceration crisis: trauma.

The films in this series profile two different programs that aim to reduce the recidivism of formerly-incarcerated individuals by providing holistic, trauma-informed approaches that treat each individual as a person instead of further criminalizing them. The individuals featured in these films were all affected by crime, poverty, substance abuse, institutionalized racism, and other things, causing them trauma and disrupting their lives. Watch this series to learn how we can address the root causes that lead people to incarceration without resorting to imprisonment, and provide alternatives that truly heal people.

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