Hidden Gifts- SEL/ Ethics based lesson on Diversity

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Part 1

What about you makes you YOU? We all have unique traits and talents that can seem distracting in the wrong environment or a valuable asset in another. Having powerful models of unique talents realized by influential people can transform our lives.

Guiding Questions (Discuss as a class)

What are your hidden talents or gifts? What is is about you that stands out even when it may not be understood or appreciated by others?  What gifts do you recognize in others that may seem hidden to most people?

Part 2

Watch the accompanying video: 


Clint Pulver is a renown artist and speaker on hidden gifts.  His personal story is instructional and motivational for students and instructors alike. 

When finished with the video, first digest the Epic Ethics Four Awesome Questions (printable below):  Is it true? Is it fair? Will it build better friendships and community? Will it be helpful to those involved?

Elicit responses examples from the class on experience with these questions.

Part 3

Synthesize the video content with personal experience using these open-ended questions:

What do you love about yourself?

Have you ever been criticized for who you are and what you do? 

When have you felt like the little boy in the video who was ridiculed for being himself?

When have you seen others treated unfairly for their differences?

What can we do to welcome someone who seems different from our community?

What are some ways that you celebrate uniqueness in yourself and others?

Who can help us understand our differences as gifts like Mr. Jenson?

What are some ways we use our personal gifts and skills to make the community safer and healthier?


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