Home is a Human Right: A Series on Immigration

Brave New Films

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These six short films—Pursuing the Dream: What You Need to Know About DACA, Immigration, and Beyond; We Can’t Turn Our Backs Again on Refugees; The Call to Sanctuary: How to Create Safety in Our Community; Divided by Deportation; Immigrant Stories: Doctors and Nurses; and Immigrant Stories: Teachers—examine issues related to immigration in the U.S. that impact undocumented and refugee communities.

Pursuing the Dream looks at the protections provided to undocumented immigrants through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the threats they face from intensified deportation actions. We Can’t Turn Our Backs Again on Refugees tells the stories of everyday Syrians living amid a violent civil war and what has driven millions to flee their homeland. The Call to Sanctuary breaks down the ways that communities and individuals can support their undocumented neighbors through a how-to video guide. In Divided by Deportation, we hear directly from children whose lives are shadowed by constant fear and uncertainty due to our increasingly harsh immigration policies. Immigrant Stories: Doctors and Nurses exposes the inhumanity of our immigration policies which force people to choose between medical care or deportation, and Immigrant Stories: Teachers reveals how these policies are disrupting students' lives across the nation. By exploring the growing complexities of immigration in the United States, this series seeks to highlight the human story of immigrants pursuing better lives in the middle of conflict.

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