How To Get Kids To The Dentist

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All of us have gone through that phase in our childhood, where we have an irrational fear of people working in the healthcare sector. When you are a kid, even the slightest form of pain bothers you to levels that are much higher compared to adults. At some point, though, you became mature enough to know that a little bit of pain can go a long way in saving you from the worst ones. Replicating that level of maturity to kids these days can be challenging.

Many parents struggle to get their kids to have their dental check-ups; This is easier for infants and toddlers but almost impossible for pre-school children who can now cry and make a lot of fuzz when planning a visit to the dentist.

The first thing parents should do is to prime their children to the fact that health professionals such as dentists are on their side. Do not use them as threats like some parents who tell their kids, “Go brush your teeth or else I’ll take you to the dentist where he will have to drill them for you.” These types of disciplinary methods can have a lasting effect on their subconscious. You will have a much easier time taking them on that dental appointment if you have conditioned them to think that there is no threat to harm or cause them pain.

It will also help if you take your kids to a dental office that is child friendly. Most dental offices in the 90s will have graphic anatomical charts that are too overwhelming for children. Check out a Emergency Dentist Mandurah or any child-friendly dental offices near you. If you need to you can visit the office and see for yourself if it is suited for a child who may have a fear of seeing a dentist.

Another trick is to have your dentist tell you exactly what time you will be admitted to the office. When setting an appointment, it is best to schedule it early and get the first slot. By doing so, you reduce the risk of your child running into another child who is in distress. When children see other children experiencing stress, it becomes shared and contagious. Going in the morning also means that your child is well-rested and ore tolerant to some levels of stress.

Getting a child to see a dentist can be a difficult task but also a necessary one. Try out some of the tips above to make it easier for you to get them their dental consult.


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