How to Write a Twenty-Page Research Paper in One Night

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How to Write a Twenty-Page Research Paper in One Night

It's no joke to write a research paper when you have just one night before the deadline. Good news: everything is possible with a good organization. Here are the tips to help you achieve the maximum focus and use the time efficiently.

  • First and foremost, choose the direction of your research. What is the topic of your paper? What is crucial about this problem? And lastly, what does your instructor expect from your research paper?
  • Next, decide on subtopics and/or different approaches to solving your problem.
  • Make research and learn more about the current situation and popular approaches to solving the problem. What are their pros and cons?

Make a cup of coffee and let your thoughts wander for a couple of minutes. Taking a small break will boost your productivity.

  • Find trustworthy sources, case studies, article etc. you will use to support your opinion expressed in the paper.
  • Create an outline of your research paper and stick to it.
  • Write an introduction where you will present the problem and stress its importance. Introduce your main points.
  • In the main body section list out your arguments. Remember to back them up with citations and references to scientific works.
  • Polish out your paper. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes, sentences structure and overall impression from the research. Ask someone to proofread if possible.
  • Print your paper out and use the remaining time to rest.

Simple, isn't it? Our team members at had done it multiple times in college. Not sure in your skills just yet? Don't hesitate to ask for help!

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