Impact of Policies of the European Union on Sainsbury PLC

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The different business policies and rule or regulations of a country should be followed by an organization to sustain in the market. These regulations consist guidelines and norms under which business have to conduct its activities (Hofstede et al, 2010). Sainsbury Plc follows the regulation imposed by European Union. Some of the key impacts of various policies are mentioned below:

  • Training and development policies
  • Employment policies
  • International trade policies
  • Regional policies
  • Rules of game policies

All the above policies generally prevail in each type of market and affect the business operations of the organization either adversely or favourably. Only after evaluating the impact of these policies, organization frames its policies and market strategies. The rules and regulations of a country within which the business operates needs to be followed and on the basis of these regulations, ways to achieve business objectives are set out. Sainsbury should understand each and every policy and should be abide to them while making any important decision relating to its business. Violation of rules and regulations of the economy may create a   huge loss to the company itself (Joshi, 2009).Sainsbury is operating in many countries, thus, abiding with their rules has become of great importance for its growth and to avoid and legal action against it. In return to this, these international markets provide wide opportunities of growth to the organizations to conduct their business.

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