Inspiring Women in STEM: Applying the Story of The Aeronauts for Science Discovery

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Celebrate the advances of women in STEM-related fields and critically examine ongoing inequities in the field 


  • To introduce the lesson and the Driving Questions; 
  • To engage students in exploring their thinking about the lesson topic of women in STEM-related fields; and 
  • To reveal students’ points of view on issues of equity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

The purpose of this lesson is to engage students in an analysis of contemporary equity issues as they relate to women in science and STEM-related fields. Using a film clip from The Aeronauts as a narrative inspiration and point of departure, students will examine the following questions: 

Driving Questions 

  • Who are trailblazing women in STEM? 
  • What factors contribute to gender inequities in STEM-related fields? 
  • What are the policies and practices that can be incorporated to address these inequities? 

Lesson created by Blueshift Education

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December 2019
This lesson series has a variety of resources which are engaging for young learners. The real life connection is exciting and interesting.