Interesting New Skills To Learn This Year

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If there’s one thing everyone should learn in 2020, it is the importance of keeping your skill set competitive and on high demand. Less skilled jobs and lesser levels of competence will make you replaceable, so when a new pandemic or global crisis comes, you will most likely find yourself back in the job-seeking market. The only way to make yourself in demand and irreplaceable in your current role is to develop skills that are relevant in today’s industry standards. If you are looking to up-skill this year, which we recommend you should do, here are some skills you might be interested in.

Social media and online marketing

Before the invention of social media, the success of a product usually depends on how effective the marketing strategy is on TV, newspaper, and the radio. Today the game has moved to the internet, and this new platform is the most complex the world has ever seen. The complexity of online marketing creates an advantage for job-seekers. There is no all-around expert in online marketing; what you have are employees who have knowledge and experience in specific areas. This means you can select the type of skills and be ready for a job within a shorter time frame. This is good news for those who have been recently laid off and are in need of a job immediately to make ends meet.

Repairs and metal works

The pandemic cannot stop old houses and buildings from needing repairs. Floors will crack, roofs will break, and walls will start becoming brittle. The demand for anyone who has skills in the area has been unmoved since the start of the lockdowns in the first quarter of this year. The ability to cut metal opens plenty of opportunities in the construction trading space. You can even begin learning these skills for free with guides available online such as


Most people say that English is the universal language. The truth is there are two other languages used universally, and that is music and codes. Programming codes are the framework that serves as a base for applications and websites. In a world where everyone gets content online and pretty much does all of their errands online, the demand for people to create more services available on the web had increased significantly. Being able to understand and communicate with computers using code will make you a sought-after candidate in today’s highly competitive jobless economies.


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