Intervening in Bullying Behavior on Bus--Module 1


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This is Module 1 of the two-module series, Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on Our Nation’s School Buses. This module is designed to provide bus drivers with information on the prevalence and warning signs of bullying behavior and provides specific strategies for intervening when bullying occurs. The second module, Creating a Supportive Bus Climate: Preventing Bullying, is specifically designed to complement the content of this module. BP-EI <BR> Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-TE, ECE-TE-pr PSRP_LP

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April 2017
June 2013
This is a great unit on bus behavior and bullying. There are some useful tools for all.
April 2013
As a school bus driver, this information should be available to each driver in the beginning of school. Good hands on information with details on how to recognize and what to do with bullies. There is also information for the classroom teacher in the other module.
March 2013
This module on intervening in Bullying Behavior I found to be very helpful and relatable. When going on school outings, this type of behavior is something that I have experienced and I found this tool to be useful.