Introduction to Ratios

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This introduction to ratios lesson plan will start with reviewing simplifying fractions and then ask students to represent real-world situations as fractions. Students can follow the PowerPoint with the structured notes provided.

Introduction to Ratios Lesson Plan Outline

First: We will launch this lesson with a real-world example, comparing oat pieces to marshmallows in Lucky Charms.

Second: Once students have these skills reinforced, we will then ask them to write ratios in three ways and in simplest terms.

Third: We will ask students to compare part to whole and then explain in everyday language what terms like 1 out of 5 mean.

Aligned with Common Core Standard: 6.RP.1

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Such good reviews but I can't get the video to play
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This is an awesome lesson!
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Thank you so much for the lesson. It is excellent!
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This is an awesome lesson. When I go to the powerpoint it does not have the video. Can you please help with this?
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It has been updated and included in the power point. Additionally it has been added as a stand alone resource to make things super easy. Thanks for letting us know.
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Excellent resource.
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Great resource!
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Thank you so much...absolutely wonderful, engaging, common core, visual!
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Excellent complete lesson again from introduction in class to classroom examples of real life visualizations and homework to provide independent learning. Thanks!
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I am looking forward in using this next week. We will start out unit for the next 27 days on Ratios etc..
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Hello and Thank you for Sharing. This is a wonderful lesson.
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This is very well done, it is perfect for my SPED Resource Math students who still struggle to understand ratios in 7th and 8th grade!!
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Wow this an awesome comprehensive resource am looking forward to working with my students on this.
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this is just what I needed! Thank you
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Terrific..Love, Love Love it!!!
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This is truly a wonderful blessing!
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This sounds great! It will surely start next year out right!
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great lesson and yummy if you use the lucky charms