J. Otis Powell: A Writer's Writer. He Worked Magic and You Can Too

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J. Otis Powell: A Writer's Writer. He Worked Magic and You Can Too

This lesson plan, designed by writer Louis Porter II Ed. D.,  introduces students to the artistic achievements of J. Otis Powell and his mentor, Amiri Baraka. This is a fun and interesting way to introduce students to the Black Arts Movement. This plan also provides instructions for guiding students to produce a written tribute piece to someone they care about. 

This contribution is part of the PRISM Arts Initiative started by COMPAS. PRISM Arts seeks to create wider access to art and artists that might not otherwise be integrated into the classroom. With inspiration from Rudine Sims Bishop’s Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors, and support from the Hugh J. Anderson Foundation we want all children to have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by educators who share their reflection and widen their minds to the vast opportunities available to them.

For more information about Louis Porter II,  visit his page at http://www.compas.org/artists/louis-porter-ii


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