Judaism and Jewish History: Teacher Guides and Lesson Materials

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This comprehensive resource provides teachers with guides and lessons with 

  • an in-depth academic foundation of the key teachings of Judaism;
  • key terms;
  • Jewish identity, both cultural and religious;
  • ancient Jewish history;
  • Jews in medieval history;
  • Jews in American history;
  • branches of Judaism;
  • guidelines of religion in public schools;
  • a calendar of Jewish religious observance and resource guide.

This resource includes: primary source documents, informational texts, and classroom activities.

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April 2021
The most comprehensive teacher guide (131 pages) I've seen on Jewish history, ethnicity and religion. Glad to have it downloadable on Share My Lesson.
December 2016
Not all the information is true. I stopped reading when I saw the part about who is Jewish. A Jew is only Jewish if his/her mother is a Jew or if he/she converts. It is incorrect that if a person's father is Jewish or if they consider themselves Jewish then they are Jewish.
December 2018
This is true for Orthodox Jews- not for Reform. Reform believe if either parent is Jewish then so is the child.