La música (Speaking)


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A fun PowerPoint for practising the topic of music with the Spanish class. 

1. Students try to guess the artist/s just by looking at the emoji.

2. If they don’t manage we click once (and a vinyl will appear) and then we click again and a popular song from the artist/s will be played. The students have to guess the band/singer (and also the song tittle for extra points) before the vinyl stops spinning (10sec.). If they don’t succeed, we then just reveal the answer (by clicking again) and then we proceed to ask them questions about them (their opinion about the artist/s or the song played, what type of music it is, who would they recommend this artist to…).

3. They can find some help in the hand-out provided (last slide). You can even give them points every time they use correctly one of the words or the expressions provided.

*All songs provided are only short fragments that I use for educational purposes only and the emojis are referenced (brilliant Brazilian artist) so please let me know if there is any issue with the copyright since I am no expert. I hope you find it useful. 

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