Les Pirates Français des Caraïbes - TPRS Novella

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Self-created materials and final project to accompany Novella. TPRS website offers teacher's materials for purchase that I highly recommend. Students absolutely LOVED our final project for this book, creating a pirate ship from recycled materials that we then sailed and sank + pirate biography + 1 page captains log in the past tense. All materials attached as well as a few photos of the ships students made.


May 2019
November 2018
This looks great, andI thank you for sharing. However, I don't understand the Final Project, as there seems to b no explanation of what it is. Can anyone help?
October 2016
I could not download the semester project ships or aftermath portion. Thank you for such in depth story to incorporate passe compose and imparfait in a fun way!
October 2015
This is so in-depth! I was just thinking of ways to teach this and this is going to be so helpful. Thank you so much!
June 2015
Thank you so much for sharing all of this! It looks wonderful, and I look forward to adapting this for my level 2 students as a summer break serial novel. However, I am having trouble accessing the Semester project directions, checklist, rubric document. I keep getting an error message: " Duplicate headers received from server ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION The response from the server contained duplicate headers. This problem is generally the result of a misconfigured website or proxy. Only the website or proxy administrator can fix this issue." Any suggestions?
April 2015
I think that you have uploaded the incorrect project description as it says it is for a French Revolution project. Please fix.
November 2014
Thank you very much!