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Lessons to Inspire a Poppin' Popcorn Festival...+ Enter the Popcorn Pep Club Contest for a Cash Prize!

Grade Level Grades 4-8
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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October is Popcorn Poppin' Month! This educational program will help your students celebrate and learn about the centuries-old history of popcorn, while challenging students to imagine how they would make popcorn the star of a "could-be" festival event.

Plus, popcorn can mean a CASH PRIZE for your school when you enter the annual Popcorn Pep Club Contest. There are $10,000 worth of prizes for schools! Entries can be submitted online between October 1 - December 31, 2022 by visiting

This program includes:

  • Teacher's guide/lesson plan
  • Two activity sheets to inspire your students to create a "could-be" festival event
    • Students might create unique popcorn recipes for festival tasting tents, others might create an agricultural exhibit, an arts and entertainment experience, and more.

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:

  • Complete teaching kit
  • Educational standards chart
  • Activity resources, links, and more information about the Popcorn Pep Club Contest

Made Possible By: The Popcorn Board



Poppin'PopcornFestival_Teacher's Guide.pdf

Lesson Plan
September 12, 2022
2.7 MB
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