The Mobile Web Is for Next Generation Online Marketing

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Just like laptops replaced desktop computing, mobile devices of all types are the computing devices of the future. This not only has to do with technology advances, but the fact that younger people all prefer using cellular phones. Future generations are being trained to be the mobile consumers of a new kind of Internet. 

This is a huge market yet to be discovered, and some estimates are that there are twice as many people with cellular phones than there are computers worldwide. Younger people are so fanatical about being connected that they are constantly texting and networking on the mobile web. Social media innovations and new applications are so numerous that it’s hard to keep pace.

These reasons alone are enough to consider building mobile websites. You can create a mobile version of your websites using conversion software, or you can start from scratch. Just like some people have abandoned a land-line telephone for a mobile phone, some people are moving past legacy websites listed on the web, and opting to focus on mobile websites. Currently, blogs and websites based on WordPress can utilize plugins that make sites more suitable for cell phone viewing.

If you are already using social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, then you know how important it is to have a site viewable via a mobile format that is easily accessed just about anywhere. You should begin to see how important this will be to online marketing in the future. When your websites are formatted for mobile platforms, you will have an advantage over most of the competition. Mobile websites will also give you an advantage when it comes to building links for your network, and there are free online tools to convert a standard website to a simple mobile site.

Mobile sites will become more important for the brick-and mortar businesses of the off-line world. Think how easy it is to send out directions, download, maps, coupons, and offer special services to mobile users. This will drive traffic to local store locations, not to mention the fact you can transact business right now on a mobile phone. Most cell phones are equipped with software to work like a debit card, or tied to some other payment processor like PayPal. Then you also can explore the use of new tools like QR codes, also called 2-D codes. These are like bar codes, but are special for use with mobile handsets that have cameras. 

The possibilities are still being explored and devised for mobile platforms and a mobile web. It’s just that it has been a quiet revolution. You don’t necessarily have to hire a mobile web designer, or learn a bunch of new code yourself either. At this point in time, you should just get it going by building a simple mobile website by using an online tool like, or a free WordPress plugin. Contrary to popular belief, simple is still better when it comes to mobile marketing, and you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. The vast majority of mobile marketing right now consists of text messages. Most people do not need a top-of-the-line smart phone to take advantage of the mobile net. This mobile market is growing leaps and bounds, and will for many years to come.

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