Social StudiesUS History1950s and 1960s1970s and 1980s1990s and 2000sA New NationWorld HistoryAfrican Civilizations and EmpiresAge of Absolutism and EmpireAge of Exploration and ColonizationAmerican ImperialismAmerican RevolutionAncient CivilizationsAsian Civilizations and EmpiresByzantine EmpireUS GovernmentChecks and BalancesCivil Rights MovementConstitutionalismConstitution and Bill of RightsContemporary USCurrent EventsDecolonization and IndependenceEconomicsEconomic StabilizationElectionsWorld GeographyEnvironment and ConservationExploration and ColonializationFounding Era DocumentsFunctions of GovernmentGlobal ConflictsGlobal ImperialismGlobalizationGreek CivilizationHuman SystemsImmigrationStudents with DisabilitiesIndividual Education Plan (IEP)Industrial RevolutionKey Supreme Court DecisionsLater Era DocumentsMarket StructuresMoney and the Role of Financial InstitutionsMuslim EmpireNational Economic PerformanceNational and Western ExpansionNationalism, Imperialism and ColonialismNative AmericansPhysical SystemsPlaces and RegionsPrehistoryEnglish Language LearnersReaching out to ELL Students and FamiliesReconstructionRights and Responsibilities of CitizensRoman CivilizationScarcity and Economic ReasoningScientific, Political, Cultural and Industrial RevolutionsSeparation of powersSlaveryState and Local HistorySupply and DemandThe Americas: Civilizations and EmpiresThe Civil WarThe Cold WarThe Great Depression and the 1920'sThe Middle AgesThe Middle EastThe New Deal and the 1930'sThe Progressive EraThe ReformationThe RenaissanceThe Role of GovernmentThe World in Spatial TermsTradeTypes of GovernmentUnions and the labor movementWomen's HistoryGifted and TalentedWorking with ParentsWorld War IWorld War II


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If you need an example of how to present your rules and regulations at the beginning of the school year, here is a model you can use as a copy, or you can use parts as needed.     It always works for me.     JRH

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