Neuroscience and Zombies Autopsies Unit

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These original lessons build upon each other and have an accompanying plot line where the world is fighting a zombie apocalypse and the best and the brightest young people are being trained as medical students- with a specialty in neuroscience- with the hopes that they will be able to provide a cure to this terrible epidemic and save humanity. Use them together or as stand-alone lessons. A basic understanding of biology is the only pre-requisite for these cross-curricular lessons!

While this lesson was originally designed for in classroom use, it can easily be adapted as a project-based distance learning activity. Provide students with edited directions, links to the video, powerpoint, and activity sheets and let them have fun with it.

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November 2018
I am doing this unit with my high school continuation school students. In the first lesson, I printed the neuron pages smaller so each student made their own neuron. In lesson 2, the Brain Mythology pdf is not available for download. I found it here: This is a fun unit and students seem to enjoy it.
October 2016
August 2016