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New York, New York / It’s a Wonderful Town: Navigating New York City in One Day

Create a Friendly ELL-Friendly New York City Itinerary!

Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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New York City is one of the world's most fascinating cities. Using the 1949 MGM film musical classic On the Town for inspiration, invite your students to plan a one-day itinerary to explore the Big Apple. Your students will respect your old-school approach when you have them listen to lyrics that explain that the "Bronx is up and the Battery's down" and people "get around in a hole in the ground". Do you know where Grant's Tomb is located or the best way to get to the Bowery? You will (and so will your students) after conducting this engaging 3-day lesson plan with your English Language Arts class (also Humanities, ESL, and Social Studies friendly). Read more on my blog to see how I use this resource as a teacher.

*Distance Learning Tip: Google Classroom Friendly Resource*

This resource includes the following features:

  • Lesson Planning Guide and Calendar
  • 1 FREE 12-Question Reading Easel Assessment
  • Cloze Passage Worksheet
  • Lecture Notes for the Teacher
  • Guided Notetaking Organizer
  • Editable Google Slide Templates
  • 2 Color NYC Landmarks Contact Sheets
  • NYC Itinerary Template
  • NYC Map Template
  • NYC Map Resource List
  • List of New York City Regional Transit Maps (including the New York City Subway)

Suggested Classroom Use:

  • Unit on New York City History
  • ESL Class for English Language Learners
  • Middle School Humanities

For other resources using maps and geography check out my TpT resources on

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Lesson Plan
November 6, 2022
11.8 MB
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