Dolch Noun Cards w/corresponding pics & ASL visual

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Dolch Noun Cards w/corresponding pics & ASL visuals. These cards can be used to teach common vocabulary, sight words and corresponding American Sign Language. They can also be used as word tiles when building sentences using a sentence chart or for a learning center which requires students to match the words to pictures. The ASL visuals can be printed onto mailing labels and placed on the back of the cards, serving as a cue for staff. Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-LT-ph, ECE-LT-pa, ECE-LT-al, ECE-LT-mo, ECE-LT-sp, ECE-LT

Enjoy these noun cards?

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September 2019
September 2019
April 2019
This is brilliant, thank you!
March 2018
Thank you for sharing this visuals. I added a translation for my Spanish speakers.
November 2017
As a previous interpreter for the deaf, this is a fabulous find because it is accurate and easy to follow!! I am not tech savvy and this will be such a help. I can't wait to share this product with paraeducators working with non-verbal children in our school. Thank you.
August 2017
FABULOUS! This is just what I have been searching for. Thank you much.
July 2017
Great pictures! I like the sign language with visuals for EL students. Thank you!
November 2016
October 2016
June 2016
Great! Thanks!
July 2014