Online Platforms That Changed Entertainment For Good

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Online Platforms That Changed Entertainment For Good

The last decade has seen many changes in the field of media and entertainment. Television and radio used to be the primary sources of information and entertainment to the public, which built the careers of classic actors and artists your parents have followed back in the day. This is because during that time, this technology was new, and it provided a new form of entertainment that had everyone’s interest. The success of television and radio in the past is a testament to how new technology can change the way people consume these types of services.

Today television and radio are considered outdated technologies. If you are still considering using them as a platform for marketing and advertising, then you must be targeting an older audience. This can also be effective as long as you understand your market characteristics and know which medium to use so you can tap them effectively.

Before television and radio, the local papers were the only source of information, and before the papers, there were only books. We still use these mediums today, but they all have experienced a drop in their popularity each time a newer medium is introduced. Radio, for example, is still an existing medium. We still have people tuned in to the radios, and they have become the primary source of musical entertainment up to the late 2000s. If you are asking what changed then, well, Youtube came and became a popular source of music. A few years later, a new technology introduced has further reduced the radio’s popularity, and that is with the introduction of online streaming applications such as Spotify.

When it was first introduced, Spotify only had a few thousand subscribers. Within the same year of its launch, the number of subscribers grew exponentially, reaching countries in South East Asia and as far as New Zealand in Oceania. This changed the way people listen to music and also changed the way record companies and artists earn from the music they produce. If you search Spotify Plays Kaufen you will find the list of most listened to songs within Kaufen. This is another feature that allows you to have access to what is popular per geographical area, so even if you are traveling, you can still access music that is popular back home.

YouTube and Spotify were not the only media introduced in the last few years that changed the entertainment industry, and they surely will also lose popularity once a new platform becomes available to replace them.


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