Order of Operations Day 1 (of 2)

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This is the first lesson of a unit series on the order of operations. This lesson is an exploration around the order of operations with practice. The goal for this lesson is for students to understand that evaluating math expressions has a particular order. As the unit progresses, students will be asked to apply the order of operations, therefore, fitting to be introduced at this time. Lesson Objective: Students will explore the same expression in four different ways to help determine the order of operations. Aligned with Common Core Standards: 6.EE.1 , 6.EE.2c

Click here for Order of Operations Day 2 (of 2).

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July 2018
Love it!
October 2017
March 2017
February 2017
November 2016
Thanks for allowing me to use your resources.
April 2015
Excellent full lesson with excellent example questions that cover all the key areas of the concept. Thanks!
March 2014
Good resource for SPED teachers. Some of the PP slides were jumbled. Otherwise nice job.
February 2014
Very well done, thank you so much. This will help my SPED Resource math students!!
September 2013
super! I even used it for grade 8 as an intro and review
July 2013
This is going to be very helpful. Love it. Thanks.
May 2013
Wow! This is so student friendly and complete!