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Are you concerned about students who are unmotivated, disruptive, off task, argumentative, and so on? If so, this session may be for you!

This presentation is designed to assist teachers in constructing a plan for increasing student motivation, improving behavior, and increasing student responsibility.  Participants will learn basic principles of classroom management, behavior management, and an instructional approach to discipline. The focus is on being proactive rather than reactive. General and special education teachers in grades K through 12 will find this content practical and immediately useable.

Topics will include:

  1. Establishing rules and enforcing them effectively 
  2. How to teach students to behave in a mature and responsible manner
  3. How to use positive feedback to increase student motivation (even with students who do not like praise.)
  4. Using structured motivation systems to “boost” positive behaviors

Participants will conduct a self-assessment of their current level of implementation of five classroom management strategies.  For those strategies that can be improved participants will develop a plan for implementing those techniques in their classroom to improve student behavior.

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Available for one hour of PD credit.

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September 2018
How do I claim this credit and how do I use it in my professional life?
May 2017
Thanks for the good work!
December 2016
excellent *****
October 2016
Is PD credit no longer available if you missed the live webinar? Many sites let you view it after that day and still receive credit. If anyone has any knowledge of this, please let me know. Thanks! LA
October 2016
Thanks for the question. You may still receive credit by taking this webinar on-demand.
August 2016
Very informative and a great review of ways to maintain positive discipline in any classroom.
September 2016
Thank you for your comment.
August 2016
Very comprehensive explanation. Thank you
August 2016
August 2016
very good, but a new way of doing things
August 2016
It was clearly defined! Randy Sprick was great!
August 2016
CHAMPS, PBIS, excellent: Ratios of Interactions for educators, revisit rules and add guidelines, great tips and strategies for daily use
August 2016
Awesome webinar and explanation on how to implement CHAMPS/PBIS! Does anyone know how to print out the PD certificate?
August 2016
Wondering the same thing!
August 2016
Loretta.Gray, If you watched at least 30 minutes and completed any polls, the green certificate link should appear on the right side of your desktop webinar console. From there you can download. If you have any other questions, you can contact us: https://sharemylesson.com/contact-us
August 2016
March 2015
Great webinar! I have seen Randy Sprick in person.... great speaker!
March 2015
This was an excellent webinar!