(Performance Task) Hydrology – Calculating the Biotic Value of Water by- Alison Gryga

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In this performance task, students will determine the biotic value. The biotic value is an indicator of water quality, the higher the value the fewer pollutants presents. Students in grades 3-5, will collect a water stream sample and count out 100 indicator species (note if water access is not available the teacher can create hypothetical water samples allowing students to still practice counting). Next, students will graph their findings using a plot graph. Students will calculate the biotic value of their sample using the biotic index chart provided. Finally, students will compare their biotic values with other groups and discuss whose sample was the least polluted? Most polluted? Students will need to give evidence to support their answers.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Science and Mathematics Career Pathway

  • Possible careers: Hydrologist, Marine Biologist, Mathematician etc.

For more careers please continue to the following link: https://cte.careertech.org/sites/default/files/CCFrame-STEM.pdf

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