(Performance Task) Waters Importance to a Habitat’s Healthy Life Footprint -By Byers

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In this performance task, students will use LabQuest Probes to measure the temperature and oxygen level of three different water habitats. Students will then, write down any observations and make a drawing of each different water habitat. Students will also create a graph using data collected from the various water sites. Finally, students will discuss their findings and draw conclusions about the importance of water to ecosystems.

Note: Prior to this lesson, students should know how to create a graph, compare data between habitats, write observations, draw on-site, use LabQuest probes, and how to manage a scientific journal.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Science and Mathematics Career Pathway

  • Possible careers: Biologist, Marine Biologist, Mathematician etc.

For more careers please continue to the following link: https://cte.careertech.org/sites/default/files/CCFrame-STEM.pdf


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