Picture It! Teach Critical Thinking Skills with New York Times Thought-Provoking Imagery and Videos

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Join The New York Times Learning Network and Share My Lesson for a fun webinar on teaching critical thinking with images and videos.

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In this webinar, Katherine Schulten and Michael Gonchar, editors of The New York Times Learning Network, introduce some quick ways any teacher can find and use Times visual content to enliven their curriculum, help students practice literacy skills, and encourage connections between the classroom and the world.

Whether using an interactive infographic to make history personal; a 3-minute science video to illustrate a concept; a mysterious photograph to teach the skill of finding evidence; or an editorial cartoon as a writing prompt, there are myriad ways that the vast visual offerings of nytimes.com can complement almost any curriculum.

Ms. Schulten and Mr. Gonchar will introduce you to free Learning Network features like What’s Going On in This Picture, Film Club and Picture Prompts, but they will also show you how to find your own materials to engage learners of all kinds.


Available for one-hour of PD credit.


 #7 Webinar of 2017

Image Credit: Arnaud Falchier (original: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/07/arts/dance/river-to-river-festival-ma...)

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October 2017
This looks like a very cool idea and some great resources. Look forward to trying it out with my social studies class and civics students.
July 2017
July 2017
Extremely informative, great presentation, just loved every bit of it. Sorry that I couldn't get connected while it was live and only got to follow it later but anyways, it was worth every minute spent listening to it. Thanks guys.
July 2017
no access available, what a pity!
July 2017
Great webinar. So much useful information and resources. Presenters were terrific. It easily could have been twice as long with everything they covered.
July 2017
Access was disabled. I wanted to glean through the chat to collect the great information.
July 2017