the portrait of a lady

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The portrait of a lady by khushwant singh 

the story is written in the first person and is in biographical is a perception of Khushwant Singh of his grandmother through his own eye. Khushwant Singh recalls his grand mother as a eternally old person. she was an extremely religious person.  it was difficult for him to believe that once she too was young and pretty like other woman. The story is about her childhood games where like fairy tales to him. she was short, fat and slightly stooped in stature. her silvery white hair used to scatter on her wrinkle face. Khushwant Singh remembers her hobbling around the house in spotless white clothes with one hand resting on a waist  to balance her stoop and the other busy in telling the beats of her rosary. Her lip constantly move in prayers. possibly she was not beautiful in worldly sense but she looked extremely beautiful with the peacefulness, serenity and  contentment her countenance display. Khuwant Singh relationships with his grandmother went through several changes when he was a small boy. in the first stage Khushwant lived in a village with her as his grandparents were looking for the opportunity to settle down in the city. In village grand mother took care of all needs of the child. she was quite active, she woke him up in the morning, got him ready for school, plustered his wooden slate prepared his breakfast and escorted him to school. they fed street dogs with stale chapattis on their way to schools which was fun for them. she helped him in his lessons also.  

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