Preschool Lesson Plans For Earth Day


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Earth Day is an important day for preschoolers to explore and learn about the Earth and the importance of taking care of it. Teachers can instill values about Earth and Mother Nature with these lesson plans. Recycling and right android installs are an important lessons for teachers to teach our little ones.

Each lesson plan is designed to educate preschoolers about Earth Day. Teachers can give Earth a fighting chance against trash and its destroying elements. You can change these as you see fit.

Board games are a big part of our world. They are not only fun, but they teach our children so many things. Board games teach socialization skills and patience. Checkers is a classic game for all ages to enjoy. This game can be created out of a piece of cardboard, paint and plastic bottle lids. The board needs to be sectioned off into red and black blocks.

Toilet paper rolls are perfect for holding pencils, paint brushes and various other items. These are also perfect for little girls who have plenty of bracelets and pony tail holders. Each roll can be personalized to fit the individual needs of the student.

Plastic bottles have many different uses. Teachers will need to cut the top of the bottle off. The rough edges need to be smoothed with a nail filing board. Or the bottom of the bottle can be covered with fabric. The filing and the fabric is used to protect the child from being cut on the rough edges. The new design of the bottle is now ready to be a planter for flowers. This planter is ideal for smaller flowers such as morning glories. The top of the bottle should not be tossed away. It can be reused as a funnel. It is the perfect size.

Tissue boxes are always being thrown away. They do not have to be though. These boxes are the perfect size for storing small things. Tissue boxes can be personalized with the child’s own design and flare. Stickers and paint are just two designing tools for preschoolers to use. Pencils, small die cast cars, marbles and figurines fit perfectly in these boxes.

The purpose of these lesson plans is to teach children the importance of recycling and keeping our Earth clean of trash. Anything can be recycled and given a new life.

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