KEYNOTE: Protecting Our Students in an Anti-Immigrant Climate

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KEYNOTE: Protecting Our Students in an Anti-Immigrant Climate

Join Teaching Tolerance, National Immigration Law Center and Share My Lesson for a webinar on protecting our students in an anti-immigrant climate.



This keynote webinar will provide an overview of immigration law as it pertains to schools, how to teach immigration in the current political climate, and how to create a welcoming environment.

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October 2017
We have a large immigrant population in my district. I'm interested in seeing what suggestions this has that can help us protect them and ensure that they feel safe in their schools.
July 2017
informative and helpful
May 2017
March 2017
March 2017
Relevant and informative
February 2017
February 2017
I object to the statement that we have a culture that is against immigration. We have policies against 'illegal' immigration and have since the early years of our country. Our country is very good to legal immigrants. I would add that we have been more than generous with illegal immigrants as well.
February 2017
buffiem, I agree. We are not anti-immigration. We are anti-illegal immigration as it is stated in the law. We should be encouraging enforcement of the laws. We have been and always will be good to legal immigrants. If one is going to teach/lecture about a topic, don't use deceptive language to promote your political/social agenda.
March 2017
With all due respect, the lesson title refers to an "anti-immigrant climate" not a culture. It is hard to argue that the climate, right now, is not anti-immigrant, from policies banning legal immigration from certain countries, stopping political and war refugees from legally entering the U.S., busting up families with ICE raids, and inspiring hate crimes towards legal employment based visa holders. In your terms, the U.S. may be "very good" to legal immigrants; but you cannot argue that the current "climate" is not very welcoming and the policies are downright hostile.
March 2017
I am a legal immigrant. A Student from India, and yesterday I was threatened to be shot because I was helping a homeless on the roadside with some money. I was told I am Ilegal and that I should leave the country right away. I am not saying that everybody is like that and that it happens all the time but there are times where people either indirectly or through their eyes say the same thing and many times it feels unsafe because of the obvious reasons. I am building a community of educators worldwide,, where we believe that every educator on the planet is EdHero. After yesterday's incident a "what if?" thought came to my mind. What if he actually had a gun..My whole dream of EdHero could have come to a halt. I totally agree that there should be laws to take care of illegal immigrants (and every country have their laws) but what I don't agree is people taking advantage of this law. At the end of the day, we all are humans and we are here only for a short stay. Out of millions of species on this planet, we luckily have to get along with only one. ONLY ONE. Think about it.