Race in the 1920s

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Race in the 1920s

Race in the 1920s Lesson Plan: This lesson focuses on racial problems during the 1920s and problems faced by African Americans and Native Americans; especially about the KKK and its impact on society. Accompanying graphic organizer on KKK is for students to fill in alongside the PowerPoint.

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July 2012
This lesson will be useful once it's been recategorized to "Race in Jim Crow America" because it has nothing to do with the Reconstruction period (15 years after the surrender at Appomattox Court House). Additionally, if there's interest here, I will post as edited version of the presentation to correct for slide transitions quirks, and terms that aren't defined when they're used for the first time.
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May 2012
Many thanks, most useful!
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May 2012
Great worksheet thanks
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October 2011
excellent ppt thanks!