The Rainforest Symphony: Using Science and Acoustic Technology to Investigate Biodiversity

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Join The Nature Conservancy - Nature Works Everywhere and Share My Lesson for a webinar about Borneo: The Symphony of the Rainforest.


Imagine waking up to the breathtakingly loud dawn chorus of stridulating insects, whooping gibbons, and squawking rhinoceros hornbills in the verdant rainforests of Borneo. What does sound tell us about the world’s wildest places? In this webinar, we’ll explore a compelling question: How can we use science and acoustic technology to care for the land and protect the plants and animals in one of the world’s most biodiverse regions? A healthy ecosystem should be rich with sound—like a symphony! Find out how experts are using cutting-edge science to explore how healthy the rainforest is in order to prescribe land management techniques that support biodiversity, while balancing the need for resources. Learn about this innovative way of capturing data and take it back to your students! This webinar will stimulate your scientific mind while preparing you to explore this innovative approach to data collection with your students. Discover the exciting video, lesson plan, Esri Story Map, Google Expedition, virtual field trip, and other free resources that accompany this topic and allow you to reach your students in a variety of engaging ways!


Available for one-hour of PD credit.

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