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Restart by Gordon Korman Novel Hyperdoc Template For Teachers, Parents and Students During Social Isolation

Subject English Language Arts — Reading Standards for Fiction, Reading Standards for Informational Text, Writing
Grade Level Grades 3-8
Resource Type Activity
Attributes Good for Parents

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Restart by Gordon Korman Novel Hyperdoc Template  For Teachers, Parents and Students During Social Isolation.

From Publishers Weekly: "When a middle school bully suffers amnesia after a bad fall, it gives him the chance to start fresh, but rebuilding his life is an uphill battle when everyone else still remembers the sins of his past. Eighth-grader Chase Ambrose attempts to reconstruct himself based on what his friends and family tell him, but the more he learns about how he mistreated others, the less he likes the old Chase. Unable to play football while he’s healing, Chase joins the video club, whose members have good reason to distrust him. And while his former self did community service at a local retirement home, the new Chase comes to enjoy spending time with the residents—especially a grumpy veteran whose stories he values. In this compelling and sometimes humorous tale of nature and identity, Korman (Slacker) offers an intriguing exploration of the potential for redemption. By telling the story from multiple perspectives (Chase’s, as well as those of several classmates), he conveys a complex, thorough picture of Chase’s influence and impact on those around him."

Restart Novel Hyperdoc Template was created by Rayna Freedman. It also looks wonderful. I have not yet gotten to digging, but as most of us are insanely trying to cram the end of the year into the next 2 weeks!! I wanted to provide you all with options for book whole class and individual book selections.  

Happy Reading & Enjoy!


1 Review
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September 06, 2021