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"We Are Enough" Self Esteem Lesson using "I am Enough," by Grace Byers

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SEL Skills: Self Awareness, Active Listening, Reflection, Social Awareness

Video Book (3:43)

#2 SML User Lesson of 2021


1. Practice understanding and identifying personal traits that make us different and bring us purpose by:

a. listening to the book, "I am Enough," by Grace Byers

b. contributing to conversations that exhibit our different strengths and personal vulnerabilities (the threshold for what is safe sharing will vary from student to student)

2. Reflect on how it feels to recognize strengths and use them to help others

Guiding Questions

What are the ways we can celebrate others?  What might cause a person to try to hide their differences?  

How can our class create an environment that is safe for others to share their feelings? What are things we can do individually to protect each other's differences and cooperatively thrive as a community?

Part 1:  Ethics Framework for Responsible Decision Making

4 Awesome Questions Review-  Using the downloadable pdf below, present/review the 4 Awesome Questions: Is it true?  Is it fair?

Elicit some examples from students of relevant recent personal experiences concerning the 4 Awesome Questions.

Part 2: Read or Listen/View Video-book "I am Enough," by Grace Byers

Part 3: Debrief Story Using Open Ended Questions to Elicit Authentic Dialogue and Critical Thinking

Self Awareness/ Active Listening

  1. How do you feel about yourself? 
  2. What are some ways you need help?
  3. What would you like to change about yourself? 
  4. What help do you provide regularly? 
  5. What are some actions that tell others we are helping?
  6. What are some actions that tell others we are thinking about ourselves?
  7. What are some actions that tell others we don’t care?
  8. How does listening help us learn the truth about a situation?
  9. How did you get your name? 


  1. When you see that someone needs help how do you decide whether to help or not?  
  2. How would someone know if you need help?
  3. When you agree with someone else’s idea, how do you think they feel?
  4. What are some different ways people ask for help?
  5. When you provide help, do you expect to be thanked or paid back? 
  6. Why are names important?   
  7. Social Awareness
  8. What are some ways that the animals, world and environment need our help?
  9. How can being strong and positive help influence others?
  10. If someone is serving others what makes you want to join in?
  11. How do you help others make decisions that contribute to the benefit of the community? 
  12. How does listening and observing others affect how we behave?

Part 4:  Activity

In the book, "I Am Enough," by Grace Byers, the narrator links her strengths with similes to the world around her.

Ask students to come up with three to five personal strengths and write a simile to express how the strength resembles phenomena in their world using this format:

Like a _________(noun)_____________, I'm here to _______(verb)__________.

For more Ethics- Based SEL curriculum for K-6 go to




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