The Story-Teller by H.H Munro

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The story opens on a hot summer day with three small children and their aunt sitting in a railway carriage on the way to Templecombe. Together with them in the carriage is an unknown man who observes their behavior. The children are bored and ask their aunt various questions. She tells them to observe the surroundings, but that encourages even more curiosity. In order to keep the children quiet for a while, the aunt decides to tell them a story. She comes up with a conventional, moralistic tale which fails to capture the interest of the children and creates even bigger discontent. As he also heard the story, the unknown man decides to point out its flaws. The aunt takes it as an offense and challenges him to tell a better story.

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October 2018
I like this lesson. If I could suggest, though, please make grade level clear. You list it as IX, which is not universal. This is a great lesson.
January 2018
Brigit this is great and I'm happy to see that young teachers are so talented these days ?
January 2018
dear Brigit You have put all your effort for this job !!
January 2018
Excellent work
January 2018
Well done
January 2018
well prepared Brijit. its very clear of what you are teaching.
January 2018
Great work!
January 2018
Good one
January 2018
systematically well prepared lesson plan
December 2017
Hi all, It would be great if you could all view and rate my Lesson plan on the unit: The Story-teller by Saki. Constructive feedback is always welcomed. Thank you, Brigit Jose