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StoryCorps Animation: Double Major

StoryCorps Animation: Double Major


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About This Lesson

Wil Smith enrolled as a freshman at Bowdoin College at the age of 27 with his infant daughter, Olivia, in tow. He had kept his daughter a secret until his arrival out of fear that the college would not allow him to attend. Wil balanced his studies, a night job, and basketball, all while raising his daughter. As a teenager, Olivia sat down with her dad to hear more about their days as college roommates. This all-new animated short is presented as part of the new StoryCorps animation season, Father Figures, where father figures and their children share the strength and wisdom that they draw from each other. Directed by Richard O’Connor Executive Producers Dave Isay Rachel Hartman Producer Savannah Winchester Senior Audio Producer Michael Garofalo Audio Produced by Jasmyn Morris Supervising Sound Recordist Jud Esty-Kendall Audio Mixed By Jarrett Floyd Animation by Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC Design Keenon Farrel Animators Taisiya Zaretskya Natalie Greene Original Music Joshua Abrams Music Performed by Joshua Abrams Hamid Drake Marquis Hill Emmett Kelly Adam Thornburg Music Mixed by Joshua Abrams Neil Strauch Outro Music by “Sage the Hunter” by Blue Dot Sessions From the Albumm Landsman Duets Published by Blue Dot Sessions Special Thanks Wil Smith Olivia Smith In Partnership with American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress NPR POV Funding Provided by Corporation for Public Broadcasting [logo] A private corporation funded by the American people. Copyright © StoryCorps 2020. All Rights Reserved.


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