A student project in contact tracing to slow the spread of Covid-19

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A student project in contact tracing to slow the spread of Covid-19

Students may feel helpless in stopping or controlling the current Covid-pandemic. Some may even feel anxious about it. Can all they really do is wear a mask, stay home and wait for a vaccine? This project can empower them to take part in keeping their local school or community safe, and may very well slow the Covid-pandemic spread.

In this project, students will build a simple electronic device (called the "token") using parts costing around $20. The parts fit together with a single USB-micro cable; no soldering or major assembly is required. If they carry the token around with them, it will anonymously broadcast to others what their recent social behavior has been. It will also receive the same from others.

Upon returning home, a student can check their token's log and see if anyone they encountered was involved in any "Covid-unsafe" behavior (not social distancing, not wearing a mask, etc.) If so, this is a key moment: the token owner may have been exposed to Covid-19, and should lie low for a couple of days to prevent possible spread. If symptoms develop or not, then go from there (get tested, go to a doctor, etc.)

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