Teach Syria


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About This Lesson

Teach Syria is an educational toolkit is designed by teachers for teachers, and allows you to feel comfortable teaching about Syria without having to feel like you are an expert—within a 40-minute lesson plan. Our hope is that these ready-to-use, Common Core-friendly materials will help to bring in-depth foreign policy education to your classroom, highlighting history in action via a contemporary global and humanitarian issue, allowing your students to learn in a new interactive way geared towards a millennial audience.


July 2016
I can't load the link
October 2015
Thank you very much, this will help with my discussion group.
June 2013
Great Resource with a prezi, PPT and other resources to make teaching about Syria so much easier.
June 2013
Very good lesson plan for teaching a unit on Syria. Includes lesson plan, PPT. slides, worksheet, common core essay and engaging activities.